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100% Wool - Tallitot and Tallit Katans

My love of weaving really began a few years back when I started helping with a program at my shul in the states where women (and occasionally men) came to weave a small Tallit for a Beni Mitzvah. While I was only part of this program for a short time before we moved to Israel, I really missed working with a loom after our move.

I was blessed to be able to purchase my own loom several months later. While I have expanded my abilities and work with all types of yarns making many different items - my first love is still working with wool and making Tallitot. I have also expanded my wool-weaving to include Tallit Katans.

I offer Tallit Katans in both thin and thick wool. The thin wool has a more 'refined' look to it and the thick has a more "old world" feel. The thin wool is a bit cooler - and can be worn most of the year (though in the intense heat of an Israeli summer, my husband's takes a vacation on the hanger for a while). The thick wool is quite warm and best saved for cooler-weather. Both are 100% wool though, and meant to be worn OVER a shirt.

I feel that a Tallit is a very personal, and special item. My goal is to work with the client to make sure their Tallit is exactly as they want it. I invite the client to design their own stripe-pattern and I work with their measurements to make an item in the size they need (up to approximately 180cm wide). A matching atarah can be made using the colors of the Tallit, or a store-bought one can be added. They are made from a thin wool that is not too hot, but is very sturdy.

All wool Tallitot and Tallit Katans have reinforced-corners (made from the same fabric as the rest of the item). Tzitzit are available (included with full-sized Tallit purchase) and can be tied to your personal minhag (by my husband) or included (untied) for you to put on yourself.

Currently I have black and royal blue thin wool, and black thick wool to use for striping. Other colors can be used for striping but will not be wool-yarn at this time. As other colors of wool yarn become available, information will be updated.

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