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Two days left!

Preparations are well under way for the first anniversary celebration of Chana's Loom!

In two days, I will officially have been in business for one year. I won't be the only one enjoying my anniversary though - I plan to share the excitement with my wonderful customers....without you, I certainly wouldn't still be here!

Be sure to come back soon for a special anniversary deal and to find out what new products are being offered and developed!

A little "Blast from the Past" --

Below is a picture of the first item EVER made on my loom, almost 3 years ago. My personal scarf.

I was FINALLY able to use it on my recent trip to the states when I was blessed to experience a major blizzard. It was the first time my scarf was used to keep me warm, and it certainly delivered! It kept me toasty warm....and kept most of my face covered and therefore not exposed to the wild snow coming at me in every direction.

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