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First Anniversary Celebration!!

First of all - THANK YOU!!

It is hard for me to believe that it was an entire year ago that Chana's Loom became a reality instead of just a dream. What a fun and crazy road it has been this first year....and I look forward to lots more insanity in the years to come. :-)

To share the excitement of my anniversary with my customers -

I am offering 10% off on all purchases in the month of March (including custom orders arranged before 31 March 2016). To take advantage of this offer use the coupon code TY2016 at check out.

Custom orders can be made by contacting me directly at Once the order is arranged, your invoice will reflect the discount. Remember - ANY item on the website can be custom ordered to make the item fully your own - in colors, patterns, sizes that are just right for you.

A few new items are available -

Small bags - perfect for glasses, cell phones, small items in your purse, etc. Bags are approximately 10cm X 19cm, fully lined and have a cording closure.

I do not have any of these bags premade and on the website yet - please contact me so I can make your bag in the colors you want. The size is also ajustable to fit customer needs.

Wristlets - by popular request, I am developing wristlets. They will be approximately 19cm wide X 15cm deep, fully-lined and have open-top pockets on the inside. They will have a zipper closure and a cording wrist-strap. Pictures will be on the website soon.

Make-Up Bags of the same size and style...without the wrist-strap...are also being developed.

More options for decorative straps on bags, etc. Thanks to a customer, I have finally started working on more intricate designs using the Inkle Loom. This has opened up MANY new options for straps and decorative touches on bags, etc....taking the possibilities for custom items even further.

I am always looking for new ideas and projects.....if you are interested in something but don't see it on the website - CONTACT ME. I am happy to work with clients to design new and exciting items.

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