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Completed Nap Blanket

The Nap Blanket took a little longer than expected to be completed, but it is officially DONE!

I used a very fine, cotton yarn which slowed things down a little. Also - the many pattern and color changes required a lot of concentration and I was only able to work when the house was very quiet (something that never happens for a very long stretch of time).

All of the insanity is behind me now and the results are amazing. Each block has its own unique pattern and color combination. I feel that the colors worked very well together and the blues and purples have a calming effect, while the magenta and yellow accents add a little warmth.

Now that the blanket is off the loom and washed, the cotton is not only very strong but very soft. Perfect for cuddling under for a nap.

Keeping with my busy-fall, while working on the blanket another custom-order came in and work has already begun. Check back soon for pictures of the next project going on the loom - a set of 8 placemats!

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