Custom Wall Hanging

Custom Wall Hanging

No two homes are alike, so finding a ready-made wall hanging that fits your home and personality perfectly is nearly impossible.  

Whether you need a long, thin wall hanging to fit between two doors or a wider wall hanging to cover a small bathroom window for privacy or maybe just a color piece of fabric to accent your living room -- let me make you a personalized piece of wall-art.

Choose from a variety of size-options or email me to discuss a special size.

Wall Hangings come with an unfinished, wooden dowel and a piece of the same yarn the piece was made from to use for hanging.
  • Details

    Several standard sizes are available:
    24cm wide by 36cm long with 13cm fringe
    30cm wide x 38cm long with 10cm fringe
    32cm wide x 43cm long with 10cm fringe
    40cm wide x 51cm long with 5cm fringe
    48cm wide x 61cm lone with 13cm fringe
    Or email me to discuss a special size.

    Wall hangings are usually a piece of textured fabric made from a multi-colored yarn that creates a unique pattern of its own as it is woven.
    They can also be made using set pattern and solid colored yarns.
    Pictures of textures or patterns will be sent on request for your selection.

    Pictures of color choices will be sent and weaving will not begin until after final approval.

    Wall hangings up to 48cm wide come with an unfinished, wooden dowel sized to fit.
    Wall hangings can be shipped without a dowel, upon request (preferable for overseas shipping).