Thin Scarf - Custom Made

Thin Scarf - Custom Made

Light and breezy, thin scarves made just for you.  Scarves can have a set pattern or let the pattern emerge on its own from multi-colored yarn.  They can be wide or narrow - short or long.
I want to make you a scarf that shows your personal style!
  • Details

    Small scarves are approximately 15cm wide x 122cm long with 10cm fringe.
    Regular scarves are approximately 20cm wide x 150cm long with 10cm fringe.
    Large scarves are approximately 25cm wide x 168cm long with 10cm fringe.
    EXTRA LONG scarves are available with your choice of and extra 30cm or 60cm added to the length of any of our scarves.

    Thin scarves are made with either cotton, polyester or acrylic yarns (depending on available colors and styles of yarn).

    Tell me what style of scarf you want and what colors you would like used.
    Pattern options will be sent for you to choose from (if applicable) so that your scarf reflects your personality.
    Pictures of yarns will be sent for approval before work begins.
    A time-frame for the work to be done will be provided once order is placed.

Conversion and rates shown are approximate. Rates can fluctuate daily.

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