Fun Pastel Hearts Pocket Purse

Fun Pastel Hearts Pocket Purse


Pocket Purses are great for every day use as well as any occasion when you need to bring a few things along but don't want to carry a big bag. All purses are fully-lined and have a zipper closure.  This bag as an added, open-top, single pocket on the back.

Pastel colors appear to have been brushed onto this bag from both edges on both the front and the back.  There is a single, open-topped pocket added to the back decorated with pastel stripes.  A fun, heart pattern on all outside pieces of this purse pull the entire design together.

  • Details

    Colors -
    Bag - pink, yellow, light green, light blue and lavendar (body and back pocket)
    Hand-Twisted Cording Strap - pink, yellow, light green, light blue and lavendar
    Zipper - lavendar
    Lining - lavendar

    Size - approximately 9" X 10" with 47" cording strap - back pocket 8" deep X 5" wide (23cm X 25.5cm with 119.5cm cording strap - back pocket 20cm deep X 13cm wide)

    Please note - Hand-twisted cording straps will stretch over time from use. A simple knot can be tied into the strap for an added bit of decoration if the strap gets too long for personal taste.

    100% Washable - Machine wash on regular or gentle cycle in warm water (can hand wash, if desired). Hang to dry.