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Game Board-themed Game Bags

Game Board-themed Game Bags


Made with game-lovers in mind. I designed this bag to look just like the traditional board I remember playing on years go - using colors to match the background and some of the special squares. You can almost lay this bag down and start to play!

These bags are perfect for storing your tiles in or taking them to your club or competitions.

Made from a sturdy hand-woven fabric that will get even more flexible with use. Use the coordinating hand-tiwsed cording at the top to simply pull the bag closed.

  • Details

    Color and Size info:

    Bag with tan/pink cording: Tan with white, pink and light blue accents. Hand-twisted cording is tan and pink. Bag is 20cm wide X 27cm deep.

    100% Washable. Machine wash on regular or gentle cycle in cold (can hand wash, if desired). Hang to dry.
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