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Green Diamonds Medium Purse

Green Diamonds Medium Purse


Do you need something larger than my usual Pocket Purses? Then this larger 'Medium-sized' Purse is for you. You can fit quite a bit in this shoulder bag which includes a Comfort-Cover on the strap that can be positioned on your shoulder for added comfort if the purse is heavy.


Just the right size to carry everything you need for Shabbat with a pattern of green diamonds over a blue and purple background.  This purse is large enough for an average-sized Siddur with inside pockets for smaller items as well.


Special features of this bag include: 
Zipper closure.
Fully-lined with sturdy fabric that will hold up to sharp book corners.
Open-top pockets sewn into the inside/front lining of the bag - one smaller and one larger to hold a pack of tissues and glasses, etc.
A small fabric loop on the inside of the bag where a carabiner clip can be added for easy access to your keys (clip can be removed when bag needs washing).


  • Details

    Colors -
    Bag - green design over a blue and purple background
    Hand-Twisted Cording Strap - green, blue and purple
    Zipper - white
    Lining - white

    Carabiner - red

    Size - approximately 12.5" wide X 13" deep with 43" cording strap (32cm wide X 33cm deep with 109cm cording strap)

    Please note - Hand-twisted cording straps will stretch over time from use. A simple knot can be tied into the strap for an added bit of decoration if the strap gets too long for personal taste.

    100% Washable - Machine wash on gentle cycle in cool water (can hand wash, if desired). Hang to dry.  

    **Remove carabiner clip before washing.**

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