Mini-Purse in Blues and Browns

Mini-Purse in Blues and Browns

Mini-Purses are perfect as a Shabbat bag to toss in your keys and a pair of glasses - or as a sweet, little purse for a young girl.
Hand-twisted cording is made from the same yarn as the bag and is long enough to use over the shoulder when the bag is pulled shut.

This mini-purse in shades of browns and blues has a very detailed, hand-woven front and a beige cotton-cloth back.
  • Details

    Colors - hand-woven front in browns and blues; cotton-fabric back in beige
    Hand-twisted cording is made from beige and light blue yarn.
    100% Cotton.

    Size: approximately 20cm wide X 19cm tall
    Cording strap is approximately 89cm.

    Care instructions:
    Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle.
    No bleach.
    Hang to dry.
    Iron from the back on medium heat as needed.

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