Red & Blue Stripes Baby/Lap Blanket

Red & Blue Stripes Baby/Lap Blanket


Very soft and warm - this Baby Blanket made from Chenille yarn with Acrylic fringe will keep your baby comfortable on a cold day.

It is also the perfect size for a lap blanket to keep you warm and cozy on a cool night.

  • Details

    Colors: red and blue with red and blue fringe


    Acrylic & polyester

    Size: approximately 70cm X 81cm with 13cm fringe (approximately 27.5" X 32" with 5" fringe)

    Care instructions:
    Machine wash gentle cycle or hand wash.
    Cold water.
    Do not bleach.
    Hang to dry. Can fluff in dryer on low or no heat.
    Do not iron.

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