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Warm Chenille Blanket in Dark Colors

Warm Chenille Blanket in Dark Colors


This full-sized blanket is very warm and toasty.  Splotches of brown, grey, off-white and black give this blanket a very interesting look and the body is extrememly soft chennille accented with black and grey fringe.

  • Details

    Colors - brown, grey, off-white & black with black & grey fringe
    Made from Micro Polyester yarn with cotton fringe.
    Approximately 46.5" X 70" with 5" fringe (approximately 118 X 178cm with 13cm fringe).

    100% washable -

    Machine wash on gentle cycle or hand wash - 30*C or cold.

    No bleach.

    Air dry.

    Can fluff in dryer on no heat.

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