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Stock added in Pocket Purses

Last week I warped the loom with the longest possible length of yarn. With that single warp, I have added six new purses to the Pocket Purse stock.

Each piece of material is hand-woven using different colors and/or patterns. I love experimenting and playing with new ideas. Being able to create so many different looking items from a single warp (in this case, solid white) is the icing on the cake.

Hand-twisted cording is always made from the same yarns as the fabric, so they blend together well. I usually measure the yarn for the cording immediately after completeing a piece of material to ensure that the exact same yarn gets used each time.

Once the fabric is off the loom - the edges are sewn and trimmed. All pocket purses are fully-lined and I always do my best to find a zipper that blends in well. This is truly a labor of love - especially when it is time to sew the zippers on because the bags barely fit around the base of my sewing machine.

Every purse is unique - even when I am asked to make identical bags for a customer, they each have something about them that makes them different.

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