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Wrapping Up Another Year

The last few months have been a bit crazy and I have not had much time to dedicate to Chana's Loom. In truth, I haven't even had much personal-weaving time.

As a fun wrap up for 2022 - I'd like to share photos of some of the items that have come off of the looms this year.

Looking back - there have certainly been some COLORFUL projects this year. I also made quite a few wool Tzitzit: some more 'traditional' and some quite bright. Several items were custom orders or personalized items for members of my family. Some items were put right into to stock for sale here on Chana's Loom.

I am hoping in the new year to regain the momentum that had begun for my little business before the world stopped during the pandemic. Recovering has been quite slow but I have been adding new items and ideas which have been well received by customers and will continue to do so moving forward.

So - stay tuned. New ideas are coming soon!!!

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