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Weaving with Wool - IN COLOR

I have been weaving Tallitot and Tzitzit for a while now. I am a 'traditional' weaver when it comes to religious items, therefore the stripes on my items are mostly black and white. I have occasionally used navy blue and even royal blue.

Recently, I have been asked a few times to weave VERY colorful (and unique) Tzitzit. Two were inspired by photos found online of Yemenite Tallitot from the early 20th century. The third was a special request using a favorite color-combination.

The colors on the historical Yemenite items were amazingly bright - reds, yellow, blue, greens, navy and black/white in a checkerboard design. The favorite color combination Tzitzit was a beautiful mix of blues and purple.

For the Yemenite inspired Tzitzit I was also asked to make coordinating bags with stripes on the one side and a solid back to match the corner-pieces.

While it was very nice working with vibrant colors and designs I never used before - I think that black and white stripes will always be closest to my heart.

Unfortunately - with the supply chain increasingly getting worse, finding the wool that I need for just the base/body of Tallitot and Tzitzit is becoming close to impossible. Thanks to that issue, it has been a long time since I have really been able to make anything with white stripes. Shortly after these items were made, the company I purchase colorful wool from stopped manufacturing it.

I pride myself on being a very traditional weaver for these religious items. If these issues with supplies continue, I might have to find a new material to work with.

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