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Playing Catch-Up

Life had really gotten in the way and I had fallen far behind on my work.

Many, many months ago (too many to remember when it all began) I had woven a long warp of fabric to use for Shopping Bags. After that, I had gotten an order for a Tzitzit which I was able to complete late summer - right before the Fall Holidays began. During the holidays I started setting up the loom again with another long warp to use for more Shopping Bags. Then the war started and every part of life was put on hold. It would be two more month before I would even touch the looms again and start set up of the second long warp. Eventually, I did get the weaving done.

While using the sewing machine to turn the lengths of fabric into Shopping Bags, I stumbled upon a long-forgotten 'stash' of pieces of fabric from projects past. Some of the pieces were clearly set-aside to be sewn later. (I have never even pretended to be a seamstress and I think everyone knows I will do a lot to avoid sewing.) Some were nothing more than 'scraps' that I saved because I never feel right wasting a single bit of the fabrics that I work so hard to weave.

So the "Great Sew" began!

The marathon of sewing was interrupted by a last minute trip to the states. As I was slowly working through the seemingly endless pile of fabric scraps I was looking for a space to store all the newly finished items. Once again, I found more old woven pieces. This time, the pieces were fully-finished and had just been set aside until I was going to update my website.

Finally, late last week, I completed work on everything! Yesterday, I managed to get most items posted to my website. There are 7 new Shopping Bags (in two different sizes), 2 Pocket Purses, 2 Blankets (one Lap Blanket and a matching Full-Sized Blanket), and a bunch of Organizer Pouches in an array of colors and sizes. There are a few items that I have not added yet - but I am not sure how I am going to proceed with them, so they will likely have to wait a bit.

I have two projects in-line to start working on soon. I'm hoping to complete the math/prep work for them this week so I can start the actual work next week. These are the yarns that I will be using on the upcoming projects.

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