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Creating a Rug - part 3

Part Four - Attaching the Warp

Threading each individual yarn onto the loom is definitely the longest and most tedious part of set-up - but there is a bit more to be done after that. The threads need to be tied onto the back beam. I have seen several different ideas on how to tie the threads onto the back beam - but I have found that the way that works for me is to knot a group of threads together - usually .5-1 inch worth of threads at a time - around the metal rod on the back beam. Then I use a small piece of scrap yarn from a previous project and tie that around the threads on the far side of the beam from the knot to keep the knot from slipping around which would affect the length of the warp threads.

Once the threads are secured to the back of the loom - they need to be wound onto the back beam while being kept under tentsion. For wide or long warps this is not really a one-person job. This part of set-up has become a family-affair in my household with each person having their own jobs. One person directs the paper along the back beam (which keeps threads for overlapping and tangling up, which causes tension issues as weaving progresses), up to three people hold sections of warp tight at the front of the looom, and someone turns the crank to pull all the yarn to the back.

Then, finally, the other end needs to be tied onto the front beam and pulled tight. Only after all of that is it time to think about weaving.

Once the warp is on the loom and tightened - the treadles need to be correctly set up. This is a simple process of connecting the shafts to the treadles (peddles) to be used to pick up the proper threads at the proper time so that the material weaves properly. (Oddly, I did not take any pictures of this part of the process.)

Part Five - Threading the Bobbins

The final step before weaving is threading the bobbins. This is enjoyable for two reasons -- because this means weaving will begin soon AND using the bobbin-threader is fun to use.

Now the REAL fun begins.....


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