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Creating a Rug - part 4

Time to start WEAVING the rug project!

The different parts of this blog entry have been written and posted over several days - the actual set-up of the loom for the rug project took about as long. All of that was before any weaving could be done. Now for the fun part!

The rug was to have a random appearance - colors were to be alternated but not kept in any particular order. More brown and tan were to be used than any other color - and the coral and purple were to be mostly accent colors. I was also asked to randomize the thicknesses of each color-block and even have some areas where a color was only used for half (or less) of the width at a time.

I quickly realized that "random" is a bit harder than it sounds. I usually work with set patterns and measured blocks of color. Old habits really are hard to break. I actually had to keep careful track of which colors I used and how large the blocks were so that I could be random.

Along with the several colors of t-shirt material being used for weaving a thin, cotton, lilac yarn was added to throw in as an occasional accent color/texture.

Careful measurements needed to be kept while weaving to ensure that half of the final-length was completed before removing the first portion from the loom.

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