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Custom Orders are all about YOU

Do you want a pocket purse - but need something extra deep to hold your wallet?

Maybe you'd like a scarf - but your favorite colors are purple, yellow, and brown.

Perhaps a shawl is on your list of things to buy - but you want extra long fringe and a checkerboard pattern.

How about a baby blanket in bright red?

Don't see the item you REALLY want ready-made on my worries - contact me about a Custom Order!!

Any item offered by Chana's Loom can be custom ordered in the colors, style, size and/or pattern you want.

I work directly with the customer from start to finish of their item.

- I have many patterns available for you to choose from and will share examples and pictures so you can find your favorite.

- You tell me what colors you are interested in and I will send you pictures of all yarns I can find in those colors (appropriate for the item being made...cotton, chenille, acrylic, wool, etc) - there are a few yarn stores I typically purchase from, as well as a well stocked supply in my home of certain yarns. While I cannot always find every color - I will continue to share what I find until the customer is satisfied with their choices.

- While I do have "standard" sizes for some of the items I make, I am happy to alter sizes to fit a customer's needs. Purse straps can be made longer, shawls can be made wider or thinner, scarves can be made with extra-long fringe....a bag can be made to carry your extra-large laptop. A full-size Tallit can be made extra long for a taller man, tzitzit can be made to fit a young boy...and everything in between!

My goal is to make custom orders what YOU, the customer, want.

Looking for something you don't see offered on the Chana's Loom website? CONTACT ME. I am always looking for a challenge and to add new items to my products.

There is never an added fee for custom orders. As with any item price is determined by size, number of features/details, and the type and amount of yarn(s) used. Prices will always be quoted and agreed on BEFORE work begins. A 25% deposit is required, with the balance due when work is complete. As always - I ship worldwide.


Conversion and rates shown are approximate. Rates can fluctuate daily.

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