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My slow summer is officially over

As much as I love weaving - I have been enjoying my slow summer away from the loom. Of course, I wasn't only taking a break from the loom. First my family moved into a new home, then we traveled to the states for a few weeks to celebrate a family birthday, and this month we are preparing for my youngest son's bar mitzvah.

Now that my loom is comfortably set up in its "new digs" and I have a beautiful spot to sit and work, I am back to weaving full-swing.

The loom all set up in its new home.  Such a bright and cheerful spot to weave.

The first project was a fairly large privacy-curtain for a bedroom window. I decided to use up some gorgeous yarn that I have had for quite a while - purple and green "denim". I wove them with solid white yarn in an intricate pattern -- a wonderful combination of function and beauty.

Green and purple privacy-curtain with an intimate white design.

Just as I was finishing the weaving on the curtain I had an internet order come in for a thin-wool tzitzit (tallit katan). The customer asked for one of my standard patterns with a little 'twist' -- adding a small section of blue to the mostly-black pattern. Work has already begun on this item - for an adult-sized tzitzit, I only need to measure out 628 warp threads to set up on the loom. I will definitely post pictures as this item progresses to share this unique stripe design.

Setting up the loom for a thin-wool tzitzit.

I am also preparing for the "fall weave" - working on projects for my general stock....especially scarves and blankets. My stock of cotton yarns is overflowing with a bright RAINBOW of colors. I am excited to dig into all these awesome yarns.

A beautiful RAINBOW of cotton yarn.

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