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Working with Wool

I have been up to my elbows in wool again. I love working with wool as it has such a clean, refined look.

One of my two recent project was a very personal item - my younger son's Tallit. I did the weaving for it back in December 2012 while visiting our old town in the states - working on the loom where I first developed my love of weaving. I wove the material for both of my sons' Tallits on that trip thinking that it would likely be my last chance to work on a loom (little did I know that 4 months later I would be the proud owner of a loom of my own).

Even though I started the work on the Tallit several years ago, I didn't want to do the finishing work until shortly before the "big day". Last week, the finishing work was done and I was proud to see my son wearing it when he became Bar Mitzvah this past Shabbat.

The completed Tallit.

Close up of the stripes and corner.

Both of my sons' Tallits sitting side-by-side. You can see the subtle differences. They each helped in designing the striping patterns for their own Tallit.

The other project I finished last week was the Tzitzit (Tallit Katan) ordered by a client in the states. His order was unique in that he asked for a little twist in the striping pattern - a section of blue in the center of the mostly-black stripes. This item will be starting its long journey to the states early this week.

The completed Tzitzit (left).

Close up of the striping pattern (right).

I already have a list of projects waiting to be put on the loom. The kids are all starting school and work this week and the house will be much quieter, but I definitely won't be bored!

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