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Slowly but surely

A week ago I posted about my recent bout of "rapid fire weaving". I guess I got ahead of myself since everything has gone into SLOW motion.

I am very excited about the colorful Nap Blanket that I am working on right now - but the work seems to be going at a snail's pace.

The slow-down is in part because life doesn't stop when I am excited about a weaving project. The beginning of the school year always has some bumps in the road while trying to re-adjust to time not being only our own.

Another reason for the slow-down is that this is a VERY intricate set of patterns and every step is taking a lot of concentration. Every color-block on this blanket is a different pattern. Setting up the loom took longer than usual because just as I would get into a rhythm the color, and therefore the pattern, would switch.

Above -

Starting to attach the warp to the loom.

Right -

Threading the heddles. Each color change is also a change in pattern.

Below -

Heddles are all threaded.

Weaving of the blanket finally started two days ago - but I have only had small blocks of time to actually weave. Also - just as with set-up, every color change while weaving is another pattern change. I am enjoying seeing the colors beginning to "mix" in the blocks on the blanket and the subtle differences in the patterns.

Currently there are 2 completed blocks along the length and the third one has been started. It is going to take me a while to complete the 13 color blocks to reach the end.

Above -

Color blocks are really beginning to form.

Top left is purple over magenta. Top right is all purple.

Bottom left is all magenta. Bottom right is magenta over purple.

Below -

Starting to weave in the third color - deep purple.

Be sure to stop back for updated pictures as the work on the Nap Blanket continues.

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