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Half-way there!

Weaving of the Nap Blanket is still moving quite slowly, but progress is being made. I hit the half-way point today!!

The turquoise stripe is the center of the Nap Blanket!!

The yarn I am using is a much thinner/finer yarn than the pattern I am following suggested - and adjustments are having to be made along the way, but the results are beautiful.

Even though the blanket is still being tightly held on the loom, the cotton yarn is very soft.

I still have 6 color-blocks to go before the weaving is complete and the blanket can be removed from the loom and finished. I hope to have it done within a week.

Each block of color is a unique pattern

and combination of colors.

Be sure to check my blog again soon. Hopefully the _completed_ pictures will be on here soon!

Side view of the loom as the yarn is changed from individual strands to a colorful piece of fabric.

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