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NEW ITEM available - Custom Placemats

I love the fact that I don't always have to come up with new item ideas. Sometimes my customers come up with ideas for me.

A previous customer and his family were trying to find nice, cloth placemats but were having a hard time finding anything that would work for them. So they contacted me asking if this is something I can make. It had been a while since I had made placemats (I had made a set nearly 3 years ago for my family), but I always say that I want to be challenged so I said yes.

As with all my custom items, the client had complete control over colors and pattern. Even though we didn't get together in person, I sent MANY pictures of yarn and pattern-samples until they found exactly what they wanted.

Then work began on a set of 8 red-on-turquoise placemats using a small diamond pattern.

I was able to eek out two placemats using different colors to use as samples before running out of warp on the loom. It is amazing how a simple color-change can make a huge different.

I am excited to add this NEW ITEM and look forward to experimenting with placemats using other colors and patterns in the future!


Diamond pattern in two consistent colors (red on turquoise) has a very "formal" feel.


Diamond pattern using different colored backgrounds and an off-center stripe has a more "casual" look.

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