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Need to keep busy

The holidays are over and I really need to keep busy.

Recently I made a scarf in darker colors which is quite a change after working with bring colors so often lately.

Currently I have a custom-order tzitzit on the loom. Everything is set up, I can start weaving next time I am able to work. I need to finish this as soon as possible and send it on its way to the states.

I am heading to the states again in early December and I only have a few weeks to get as much weaving done as possible to bring new and exciting things on my trip. The 'plan' is to make a few blankets along with some more scarves and small items (mini-pouches, make-up bags, wristlets, etc).

I will try to come on here and post pictures over the next few weeks - but I really should be spending as much time as possible on the loom.

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