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Blankets everywhere!

In preparation for my upcoming trip to the states, I am working hard to complete a few more full-sized blankets.

Using a very sturdy, yet soft, cotton yarn - the blankets are perfect for cuddling up next to the fireplace on a cool winter's night (or day).

The work on these blankets does take quite a while because the yarn is very thin and each blanket takes MANY strands which have to be loaded onto the loom one-by-one.

Full-sized Red Orange/Orange/Yellow Fireside Blanket

Setting up the loom for two full-sized, multi-colored cotton blankets with non-uniform stripes.

Other, already completed, blankets are also going to be on my trip.

Full-sized thick and fuzzy blanket in White and Pale-blue.

Multi-colored and Multi-patterned Nap Blanket.

Purple and White chenille Baby Blanket.

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