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Very exciting news!!

Chana's Loom is a very small business. It is just me and my loom.

The last year as seen some growth. Along with the friends and family who have been customers since I went into business in 2015 - people have started finding my website and I have started being contacted, and receiving custom orders from, people around the world.

In an effort to accommodate custom-order requests as well as continuing to add new items to my collections - something had to be done.

The new loom - ready for action!

I am very pleased (and thankful) to announce that I have purchased a second, larger, loom. This second loom will help me to be able to continue experimenting and adding items to what I offer while still being able to make custom items as the orders come in. The larger loom will also add many new possibilities as more intricate patterns can be made on it.

The new loom and I are just now getting to know each other - assembly was completed on it last week. I look forward to introducing many new and exciting items in the coming months with the help of the new loom. Of course, this doesn't mean that my first loom will be any less busy - I am sure that both looms will be covered with yarn most of the time. I will have to work on the best ways to divide my time between the two looms, unless I can find a way to clone myself!

My looms side-by-side while the new loom was still being assembled.

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