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So many things going on!

I knew that adding a second floor loom would make it possible for me to keep busy but I am still amazed at HOW BUSY I can be!

When I purchased the new loom, I also added a larger warping board to my inventory. This allows me to measure much larger warps than before - saving time with loom set-up. One of the slowest parts of the weaving process is warping the loom (attaching the warp threads for a project). My old warping board could measure warps 5 yards long, the new board is designed for warps 14 yards long.

My warping boards.

Longer warps need more space.

Another bit of housekeeping that needed to be done now that I have a second loom was to prepare the roll of cardboard that is used in the back f the loom between the layers of warp threads to keep everything at an even tension. The large roll of cardboard that I purchased a few years ago was a few inches too wide to fit and had to be trimmed - bit by bit. It was a slow process, but definitely needed and will keep things moving smoothly for a very long time to come.

Trimming the cardboard roll.

I also added some shuttles to my supplies which were designed to hold thicker yarns - like the chenille yarn I often use for blankets. Shuttles are used to "throw" the weft yarn through the warp during the weaving process.

Shuttles designed for thick yarn - WONDERFUL!

All of these additions would be useless if not for the long list of custom-orders I am working my way through. In recent weeks I have completed two Tallit orders, one including a coordinating bag, and a custom baby blanket. I am currently setting up the larger loom for two more custom Tallits and just started weaving custom-placemats today. In the line-up are orders for a pocket-purse and a square scarf. Not to mention things on my 'to try' and 'to learn' lists -- most notably weaving an L-shaped Shawl and learning tablet-weaving -- as well as adding items to my stock.

Recent Projects:

Tallit with navy blue stripes (above).

Tallit with royal blue stripes and a coordinating bag (top, right).

Cousin Baby Blankets - one for a boy the other for a girl (right).

Currently on the looms:

The large loom being set up for 2 custom Tallits (above).

Weaving has begun on a set of custom placemats (below).

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