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The Advantage of Custom-Made

While it is often easy to walk into a store or visit a website, look at the items for sale and choose one that you like; sometimes you know what you want but you can't find the right colors or sizes or the amount you will need. "Custom-Made" to the rescue!

I recently completed an order for a set of Custom-Made Placemats.

The client was looking for placemats that would match her new set of dishes. There were many colors used in her dishes, some of which she liked more than others. We discussed which colors she wanted more (and less) of and the style/design she wanted for the background. She also chose a pattern she liked and the pattern color. She needed quite a few of them.....28 placemats, total.

Client's plates.

It all began with a single picture of one of the place-settings. (left)

Yarns were carefully matched and ordered. (below)

Background colors.

Measuring the colorful warp was a project in itself. It was decided to fade the colored stripes in the background into each other.

The stripes were carefully counted and measured (below, left) but the fading was done at-random during set-up. (below, right).

Measuring 15 yards of warp.
Fading the colored-stripes into each other.

The pattern was to be done in a single color (below).

Pattern being woven in a single color.

Once the finishing work was completed - the order was ready to go (below).

Ready to pack and ship!

The Custom-Made Placemats are now in their new home. While they were ordered to be used for special occasions - I have been told they will be adding to the table of smaller, family meals quite often.

Placemats "in the wild" - aka, their new home.

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