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Tallit, Bags and a Baby Blanket

June has certainly been an interesting month so far.

Work was FINALLY completed on the latest custom Tallit.

Extra Large Tallit

Close up of Tallit stripes

There were a few bumps in the road with broken threads and then a broken loom....but everything worked out in the end and the Tallit was finally delivered to the customer.

Tefillin bag resting on Tallit bags.

Several bags were made to coordinate with the stripe pattern on the Tallit.

Two Tallit bags and a Tefillin bag -- all using the same design.

Another recent item - a Chenille Baby Blanket.

Chenille Baby Blanket

I always love working with chenille and admit I am a bit jealous of the baby who will get to snuggle in this blanket - as well as anyone cuddling with the baby.

Next up on the looms:

Some custom Tzitzit for a very special client (my husband). As well as a few extra Tztizti that will be put into "stock".

Several pocket purses....a few of which are already spoken for, but some that will go into my stock.

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