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Productive Summer

This has been a productive summer so far. Several projects have come off the loom already -- and have had sewing completed on them.

Pocket purse in orange and pale-blue made using a clasped-weft technique.

Extra open-pocket on the back of the purse. (above)

Pocket Purse in MANY colors.

The back of the purse is just as colorful as the front. (above)

Custom-ordered Placemats --

a total of 8.

Half in blues and half in pinks.

Pocket Purse in pale blue, pink and white. Design made using different weaving structures.

Extra open-pocket on the back of the purse. (top)

Close up of opening. (above)

Pocket Purse in mint-green and purple with orange accents. Extra open-pocket.

Close up of side to show reverse of the bag which is mainly purple with mint-green and orange accent design element. (above)

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