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NEW ITEMS - Very exciting

Two new items have been added to the list of items available here at Chana's Loom.

Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring Backpacks

Not everyone likes using a purse or bag with a single-strap. Some people prefer the comfort of a backpack-style bag.

My Drawstring Backpacks are the perfect size for taking items you need for the day in a convenient hands-free way. Toss in your wallet, keys, bottle of water, phone and some snacks and be on your way.

Drawstring Backpack - closed

Currently these bags are only available by custom order. Bags are approximately 35cm X 43cm (14" X 17"). Two hand-twisted cording straps are sewn permanently into the bottom of the bag and with a simple pull tightly-close the top of the bag. Bags can be lined. Size can also be adjusted to fit customer needs.

Off-the-shelf bags will be available soon.

L-Shaped Shawl

Shawl front

Shawl back

Do you love the look and feel of a nice, large shawl but hate trying to keep it up over your shoulders? An L-Shaped shawl is a wonderful solution.

The unique shape of these shawls makes for a wonderful draping effect over the shoulders and down the front while the large point completely covers the back. Leave the front panels hanging loose or throw one (or both) up and over the shoulder for added warmth.

Front of shawl with one side over shoulder.

These shawls are a single, woven piece of material - not two pieces of fabric sewn together. This feature adds to the flow of the design and eliminates any uncomfortable seams.

Shawl laid out on the floor when first removed from the loom. You can see the L-Shape of the material.


Close up of the center of the back - no seam because it is a single piece of material. (left)

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