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Keeping Busy

I need to find a way to clone myself. Lately I have been on quite a roll with weaving. I've been trying new patterns on the 8-shaft loom. I have added two new items to the list of things I make. The flip-side of all of the weaving is that this blog (as well as the website) has, once again, gone ignored for a while.

In the last short while, I have started making both L-Shaped Shawls and Drawstring Backpacks.

L-Shaped Shawls are a single piece of woven fabric with a 90* turn in the center. The angle sits at the base of the neck with a diamond-shaped piece hanging down the back while the 2 long sized become the front panels. These shawls sit on the shoulders easily with a nice drape down the pins, buttons or clasps needed.

I really enjoy weaving these shawls and they are quickly becoming a passion of mine. I am just about to start working on a new one.

Techelet w/ Brown accent - front panel over shoulder

Vibrant Stripes - back view

Drawstring Backpacks are the other new item on my list and I have been having A LOT of fun with them. Their simple design makes experimenting with colorful and intricate designs easy as well as adding a lot of interest to an item designed to be simple and sturdy.

Rack of Drawstring Backpacks

Blue Hearts design

Green & Black Geometric Design

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