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Star of David Tallit corners!

I pride myself on offering several options on each custom Tallit that I make. There are several colors for the stripes in stock and others are found as needed. Each Tallit has a custom-designed stripe pattern - either designed by me or the customer. Sizing is always to the customer's specifications.

One thing that I feel have been a bit 'lacking' are the corner-reinforcement pieces. They have mostly been plain pieces of fabric woven from the same material as the body of the Tallit. I have been wanting to add a bit of design to the corners and, after quite a bit of tinkering with a pattern I found online, I now have Star of David corners available for all custom Tallitot.

Star of David corner - front

Sample strip of available colors

Star of David corner - back

I have made a sample-strip of the Star of David corners in several colors. I wove a few sets of the corners to have in stock and ready to go if a customer chooses to use them. Also, corners can be woven match any Tallit.

Ready to use (L to R) - white, black, black, royal blue

I am excited to start using these special corners on Tallitot!

Strip of corners fresh from the loom

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