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COMING SOON - Shabbat Purses

For quite a while now an Idea has been floating around in my head. My Pocket Purses are the perfect size for the everyday needs of a wallet, keys, tissues & cell phone and my Drawstring Backpacks are great to toss in a bottle of water and sunglasses with your everyday needs -- both are wonderful while out running errands. But needs on Shabbat are a little different. Having a handy, yet sturdy, place to carry your Siddur along with keys, tissues and reading glasses (or sunglasses) is essential on Shabbat. Keeping these needs in mind, I am in the process of designing Shabbat Purses.

Shabbat Purses will be slightly larger than a Pocket Purse with enough room for a standard-sized Siddur. They will have zipper-closures and be fully-lined with a built in pocket on the inside to keep tissues and glasses separate. The strap will be hand-twisted cording made from the same (or coordinating) yarns as the body of the purse. I am also working on a possible-idea for securing keys on the inside which will eliminate the need to dig around the bottom of your bag for them at your door.

Stay tuned as these new purses should be available SOON!!!!

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