• Chana

Shabbat Purses are here!

The waiting is over -- Shabbat Purses are now available!!!

Just a few weeks ago, these purses were just an idea floating around in my they are a reality. Sized to fit an average-sized Siddur with plenty of room for personal items like tissues, glasses, keys, etc.

There are many special features that have been put into these first Shabbat bags:

A comfort-cover for the strap that can be positioned directly over the shoulder. Zipper closure. Fully-lined with sturdy fabric that will hold up to sharp book corners. Open-top pockets sewn into the inside/front lining of the bag - a smaller pocket to hold a pack of tissues and a larger pocket for glasses, etc. A small carabiner clip attached to a fabric loop on the inside of the bag for easy access to your keys (clip can be removed when bag needs washing).

Future bags might have slightly different features.


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