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Anyone have a cloning-machine?

I really need a cloning machine -- only one of me just is not enough right now.

I just started working on a custom order today. Another NEW item to conquer - iPad purse/carry-bag. I am very excited because I am also getting to use the hearts-pattern again. There is another custom order in the planning process as well.

colors for the iPad bag

setting up the loom

yarn measured that will become the cording strap

I recently completed work on 4 new bags - two more Shabbat Purses, a Pocket Purse and an Organizer Pouch. The Pocket Purse and Organizer Pouch were made from the last of the "found" material that resurfaced after the move this summer, so I am officially caught-up with everything.

The assortment of new bags

Blue Stripes Pocket Purse

Shabbat Purse with Flat Strap
Blue Stripes Organizer Pouch

Shabbat Purse in Mauve with Gold Accents

Plus there are items to ship and I need to keep up with my website (especially this blog). I really do need to be more than one person.

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