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Lots of Heart

I mentioned in my last entry that I was excited to be using the Hearts pattern again. Especially when I am using a pattern with a more complicated set-up, I always put enough warp on the loom to weave material for several items, not just one. Even then, I don't do "cookie-cutter weaving" -- every item I make is one-of-a-kind and unique in its own way.

The loom was set up to make a custom ordered iPad Carrying case using purple yarn for the design on a green background. I really liked the way the purple hearts looked on the green - and decided that I would weave material for a Pocket Purse using the same color-scheme -- though on the Pocket Purse I flipped the hearts around a few times so they would always be facing up. On the piece of material made for the extra pocket on the back of the purse, I flipped a single row of hearts over as a little design element that I'm sure many people will never even notice (but I'll know it is there).

Next I used black yarn for the hearts for some serious contrast against the minty-green background and I was hooked -- After only a few rows, I knew this was going to end up as my own purse. While weaving the material for the back pocket, I threw in a single row of hearts in 6 rainbow colors -- including using the same green as the background which, while the hearts don't really show up, it still works really well with the rest of the colors.

There was still warp left on the loom after weaving material for the three bags - so I grabbed some bright blue and started weaving. A few rows of purple were added in for a bit of contrast. The material woven isn't long enough to use for a purse - so, for now, it is set aside while I consider what to turn it into (now I know why I ended up with all of that "found" material after our move this past summer!).

The sewing is completed for the iPad Carrying Bag and the two Pocket Purses and it is time to get back on the looms. Yay!!

I still have quite a stash of yarn - some of which was purchased with a particular project in mind....and it is time to get started on some of them! I am going to start setting up the 4-shaft loom for a small blanket. The 8-shaft loom is also sitting naked and in need of a project though I am still unsure of what that is going to be.

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