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Time to stock up!

I have tentatively signed up to sell at a Bazaar in February. Therefore it is time to stock up with items that will be appropriate for the venue. Having sold at this Bazaar before, I do have some insight into what the people attending will be more interested in. In fact, comments from previous years at this bazaar are partially responsible for the creation of the Chana's Loom Shabbat Purse.

Shabbat Purses

Shabbat Purses are the first thing I am going to weave material for my stocking up. And the most appropriate pattern I can think of for the first few purses is the Star of David pattern I have used before. (Pictures of previous items made from this pattern are below.)

Star of David design

Star of David Drawstring Backpack

Star of David Shabbat Purse

Keep posted to see what colors and designs are woven in the upcoming weeks!!

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