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Weaving and Sewing

I have been so busy that I seem to have "missed" January completely.

The last several weeks were filled with weaving, weaving and more weaving - preparing material for an assortment of Shabbat Purses to offer at a Craft-Fair sale I am signed up for in mid-February. Once the material for 15 more purses was woven, with only a few weeks to the sale, it was time to begin sewing them all.

completed Shabbat Purses

This past week I completed 10 purses. They all have the regular features of a Chana's Loom Shabbat Purse - a zipper closure, hand-twisted cording strap, a "Comfort Cover" over the strap, 2 pockets sewn into the lining for tissues, glasses, etc; and an inside loop & carabiner to attach keys to so they don't get lost in the bag. Each bag is unique in color, design or both to offer many different options to customers.

With only 1.5 weeks left before the sale, I am going to be very busy finishing the Shabbat Purses as well as some new mohair L-Shaped Shawls I hope to have ready. I'm sure this poor blog will continue to be ignored, once again, for a while longer.

I thought this would be a nice place to share photos of the making of a Shabbat Purse - from start to finish.

weaving fabric on the loom

fabric on the loom

fabric-roll fresh off the loom

4 very different looks made by only slight changes

gathering materials for a single Shabbat Purse
starting the assembly-process
attaching the zipper to the first side
moving along
ready to sew the second side to the zipper

sewing the fabric and lining down to avoid sticking in zipper

zipper attached - the rest of the materials are all together
sewing the Comfort Cover

ready to flip the bag right-side-out

one last look over the purse

completed Shabbat Purse - blue design on browns

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