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Summer will be here soon - time for Bright and Cheerful

The heat of summer is starting to set in and my sights are setting on some Bright and Cheerful project ideas.

I recently wove some very colorful cloth that was made into 2 small Wall Hangings and a small Table-Runner. Now I am thinking LARGER.

I have some very bright yarn in yellow, orange, red-orange and red that I think will make a great base for a full sized Summer Blanket (or two). I am thinking of using some other bright colors, and maybe a few darker colors, as accents.

I still need to decide on size and pattern -- time to do some math/paperwork!

Colorful fabric before projects were completed.

2 small Wall Hangings

Table Runner 'in the wild'
Wall Hanging 'in the wild'
Yarns I plan to use for a Summer Blanket

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