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Giving Something NEW a Try.....again

As usually happens, summer is a slow time for custom orders and I am still working on using up my yarn stash. I have had leftover chenille yarn for a while and could not decide on a good item to use it for.

First on the loom was a Jungle Lap Blanket made from yarn in shades of green and brown - using a dark brown cotton yarn for the fringe. I had a small amount of the jungle-yarn left after completing the blanket, but certainly not enough for another large item. After a bit of debate, I decided to give Accent Pillow Covers a try. I was able to make a small, accent pillow to match the Jungle Blanket.

I also had some chenille yarn in shades of brown and white left over - the perfect amount of yarn to make a larger Accent Pillow Cover. The brown accent pillow is very soft and will look wonderful in someone's reading corner.

One final item from my stash isn't a 'new' item as I have made them before but the final appearance is quite different from any previous items. A Fuzzy Wall Hanging made from bright burgundy and bordeaux yarn for a vibrant POP of color. The fuzzy yarn stands 1 inch (2.5cm) out from the wall.

I think I will be digging through my yarn stash again to see what other yarns will make fun accent items. I predict more Accent Pillows and Fuzzy (or similarly-unique) Wall Hangings will be in my future.

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