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Shopping Bags are so much fun!

While I do not enjoy actually shopping -- I really am enjoying making Reusable Shopping Bags! I get to play with colors and patterns and experiment with all types of yarn.

When I started making these bags I jumped right in to Extra-Large. I did this mostly because that is what I needed -- very LARGE bags to use on grocery day!

Big bags are wonderful but sometimes a smaller bag is better and they are the latest addition to the Chana's Loom stock (and my personal closet).

Along with the new bag size, I recently used a new pattern that reminds me of all of the uncomfortable beach chairs we had when I was a kid. My first time using this pattern I knew the first bag was going to be for me so I used my favorite color - orange - for the majority of the material. I absolutely love the way the pattern wove and will definitely be using it many time in the future.

Of course the XL Shopping Bags are still quite handy and make a wonderful addition while running your errands.

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