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What a crazy, and eventful, year 2020 was!

We are a few weeks into 2021 and I am finally reflecting on the year that was 2020.

Chana's Loom was "on hold" for 9 months with the check-out page of the website disabled. While I was still in business, 99.9% of my sales are not local and involve shipping. With lockdowns, closed airports, etc - shipping times were anything but reliable and I wanted to have more direct contact with anyone ordering an item and made it only possible through direct contact. I did reopen the check out toward the end of the year, though with limited pre-set shipping info so direct contact is still the easiest way to place an order.

As the year came to a close - I happily ended it with three custom orders: two for Tzitzit and one for a Tallit. Despite the insanity that was (and still is) shipping - 2020 saw my first ever sales to Canada AND Australia!

The majority of the year was spent weaving my way through my yarn stash. Blankets, scarves, purses and bags. I was amazed at how much cotton, mohair, wool and acrylic yarn I had hidden away in my yarn-boxes. I did a wonderful job using up a lot of my stash. The downside of that was the need for new yarn....from overseas....while shipping is still a problem. I admit that I pushed off ordering until the very end of the year.

2020 also saw a new item designed and added for sale - Reusable Shopping Bags. As often happens - necessity is the mother of invention. After a few of my shopping bags fell apart I went looking for new ones. I wanted large, roomy, bags but the few I could find in stores were all so small and the straps weren't long enough to put over the shoulder. The best way to get exactly what I wanted was to design and make it myself. After I had a few bags for myself, I decided they would be a wonderful addition to Chana's Loom.

After such a busy, and eventful, year - I was ready and hit the ground running in 2021.

We are only a few weeks into the new year and I have (finally) restocked on yarn and designed yet another new bag -- the Mini-Purse.

I'm looking forward to another great year for Chana's Loom!

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