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XL Shopping Bags - now available

"Necessity is the mother of invention" is not just a phrase. Several of the items that I make for Chana's Loom started out as something that I (or a member of my family) wanted or needed. The latest item that has been added for sale are Reusable Cloth Shopping Bags. After losing several of the shopping bags that my family was using for our weekly grocery trips, I decided to try my hand at making some new bags.

You can do a lot of shopping with these bags

Bright Rainbow XL Shopping Bag

First, I used yarn leftover from past projects to weave some very interesting material to make a few bags for personal use. While making the first few bags I was able to work out the kinks in the system. I find that larger bags are better for shopping - so all of the bags I make are what I would consider "extra large". The shoulder straps are long and therefore easy to carry a full bag on your shoulder. They are also thicker than the straps on most bags for added comfort.

Tans & Muted XL Shopping Bag

Greyscale & Muted and Bright Colors Bags

Bright Rainbow XL Shopping Bag

Tans & Muted XL Shopping Bag

I chose to use sturdy yarn for bags to add to my inventory. I made some bags using an array of vibrant colors as well as a few in more muted tones offering some very different options. The bags are very spacious and can certainly hold a lot. With the extra-thick shoulder strap even a heavy bag is fairly comfortable to carry.

Greyscale & Muted XL Shopping Bag

Bright Colors XL Shopping Bag

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